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Our Staff

Meet the people who make RIVER RAT possible.


Ian Brett


Call Maker


From humble beginnings; Ian grew the River Rat name from his family's living room. His love for the outdoors grew from spending time with his father, who was excited to share his interests with his son. 

Ian is currently studying at the University of Vermont for a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.






Adrien Plouffe

Research and Design

Adrien is a lifelong Vermonter and is no stranger to the woods and waters of the state. An avid angler and hunter, Adrien brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to the River Rat team. We are very excited to have him on our staff and cannot wait to see what the future brings!

When not in the great outdoors, Adrien can be found studying up for his second bachelor's degree at The University of Vermont.






Lexi Brett

Morale Officer

Lexi is a young GSP/English Setter with a big mouth​ and a bigger attitude. Her love for the outdoors surpasses all the other team members', and she can be found keeping a vigilant watch for wildlife (with squirrels holding top priority, of course) at all hours of the day.


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