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A Message From Ian

founder of RIVER RAT

I grew up hearing stories of an old duck call owned by my grandfather. My father remembers hunting with him and how, with this call, they could call in ducks and other waterfowl without using any decoys.  I was told that the call would eventually be handed down to me, however, no one in the family, including my grandfather, can find it or remember the brand.


Throughout my years of hunting, it has been impossible to find a call that was both enjoyable to use and interesting to look at.  My drive to recreate my grandfather’s duck call in a way that enabled a perfect hunting experience was what motivated me to create the River Rat brand. I have created products that are easy to learn, use and suit many calling styles. The rest is history. Because of my mission is to create a high-quality sound, look, and feel in every product, my products have quickly become popular with hunters around the United States and in Canada.  


River Rat started as a small shop set up in the corner of my living room and it has quickly expanded with the help of our loyal customers. A lot of companies, as they grow, forget where they started. River Rat was founded with hunters in mind and we take great pride in our roots. I appreciate any opportunity to meet new people in the hunting community and to hear about their experiences. You can learn a lot from old timers, like my grandfather. I try to pass a little piece of this lifestyle onto each one of my customers through every product I make.


Good luck and straight shooting!


Ian Brett

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