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Why River Rat?

Over the few years River Rat has been in operation I have met some incredible customers. Many of them have stepped forward to write reviews and share their awesome experiences with River Rat gear. Jordan is no different and was willing to share his experience with his new molded River Rat Custom Outdoors single reed duck call. The following is Jordan's own words and experiences- no editing on our part! Hopefully this will show you why River Rat calls should be on your lanyard this season.



First, I should say that I, by no means, would be considered a good caller. Nonetheless, I am an avid hunter, who gets out about 70 days or more in a season. I hunt hard and want my gear to be able to stand up to the abuse.

I recently got my hands on a Sculpted Fall Back duck call from River Rat Custom Outdoors. At first, I was a little skeptical of the material because I have a few of their handmade $100 plus wood calls, which are F$%@king awesome.

After using it every single day for at least 30 mins or more during the pandemic lock down, I really started to like it. It feels great in my hand and looks very nice. You can get a nice quack with very little air pressure. But the best part of this call is how easy it is to do a feeder call. I have been trying to nail that competition style long rapid feeder sound and because of this call, I can. The fact that it takes very little air pressure makes it much easier to get that long fast feeder sound we all love.

So, who would I recommend this call to? Beginners and people who abuse their gear. These calls are tough, and the price makes it even better. The reality is that River Rat Custom Outdoors offers high end products by a man who is outside using his own products every single day.

-Jordan Handy

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2 commentaires

Scott osborne


I have just pick up my first RiverRat sculpted series duck call I am not the most experienced caller by any means and this call is easy the blow and has great sound the feed chuckle is easy to manipulate, the look and feel of the this call is also great can not wait to us this call in the boat and learn to make it sing like a pro

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