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The Dawn of the REVOLUTION, and the Following EPIDEMIC

As the owner of River Rat Custom Outdoors I aim to bring the best, and most user friendly hunting calls to a flooded market. Ever since our founding in 2017 I have searched for goose guts that provide this for our customers but to no avail. In 2018 I decided that the only solution was to engineer our own Canada goose guts and bring them to you all! This was the birth of our current easy blowing, user friendly Revolution goose guts.

The design process was not an easy one, but we had many resources that made the Revolution project possible. To set River Rat apart from the rest we started from scratch, determined to create a system that everyone could use. The initial design was created by myself in a 3D CAD system called Solid Works. This allowed for the manipulation of geometry and dimensions to achieve the best possible guts. The one thing that made this project, and the development of our new guts possible was the resources of the UVM engineering department. I won't go into much detail about this, as it is what makes our guts River Rat exclusive.

The newly created Revolution guts were exactly what I had hoped they would be, an extremely user friendly system that did not leave you out of breath. Along with the original goal we also got a bonus with these guts, and that is a scarily realistic sounding call. During the 2019 season we put the Revolution to the test on countless flocks. The results were impressive! The Revolution proved capable of getting committed birds to change their minds. There was many a time birds were committed to another location, but the Revolution pulled them back around and into our decoys.

Ever since the birth of the Revolution I have looked for a call that would compliment it perfectly. The Revolution is a quite natural sounding call, and I wanted a call on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. Recently I bought out a small call shop called Dead Creek Custom Calls. With this deal I received the rights to use the goose guts he had created. They were the perfect fit for this new call I was looking to design. With these new River Rat exclusive guts the EPIDEMIC was released weeks later. The River Rat team is excited to let the EPIDEMIC loose on some geese this year to see its deadly effects.

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